Secured Cloud Storage

All your data is securely stored in cloud, ready to be accessed anytime and anywhere

Support Wide Variety of Currency

Manages all your stocks from various stock markets, crypto currencies and gold in terms of different currencies

Complete Evaluation

Includes various market indices and indicators for your performance review


  • Multi-national Stocks and Investments

    Include stocks from HK, US, TW, CA, UK, SG, AU, JP, CN, and crypto currencies in a single portfolio

  • Visualized Data

    Monitor your porfolios with graphs and figures for analysis and easy management

  • Financial and Valuation Model

    Provide various indicators and econometric models, such as the Buffett Indicator

  • Auto Currency Conversion

    Switch your desired currency from HKD, USD, or others for portfolio's display and save time on manual conversion

  • Self Evaluation

    Compare your performance with the market performance

  • Auto Calculation

    Calculate your commision fees and dividends

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Monitor Stocks Anytime Anywhere

Easy to use

Show your assets in portfolios or total

Monitor and Maintain

Graphs and charts for you to monitor and maintain portfolio's performance

Frequent Update

Stay online and keep up to date





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  • Cloud storage
  • Forum support
  • Graph display
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